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Our Process

When we service a window, we start by protecting the room. This is to minimize exposure to lead based paint as well as to minimize the mess we make. Read more about our lead based paint renovation procedure here.

The first step in restoring the window is taking it apart. We remove all necessary bits of trim, assessing their potential for re-use. The upper and lower sash are then taken out of the opening and sent to the bench/easel area for further inspection and work.

After the sashes are removed, the jamb and sill are inspected and repaired if necessary. Pulleys are lubricated and inspected for proper movement. We damp scrape and lightly wet sand the jamb area, preparing it for the installation of weatherstrip. The sash weights are put on a scale and balanced to the sash before being secured to a new length of cord. Weatherstrip is then installed in the jamb.

While the sashes are out of the opening, we inspect the joinery for weakening joints. The sashes are damp scraped and gently wet sanded and weatherstrip applied to the upper sash meeting rail.

Where necessary, we remove failing glazing putty, seal the rabbets with shellac and install missing and additional points to secure the glass. Putty is put in and tooled, glass cleaned and sashes returned to opening.

Sashes are then waxed to ensure smooth transport and secured to the new cord. Movement and balance are checked as well as weatherstrip contact. Interior trim is installed and is caulked and spackled in preparation for final painting.

Though there are many additional steps depending on the type and complexity of the unit that can be added to the list of restoring a window, this is the basis of what we do on most window openings. Typically, one window takes one person about a day to complete.

We're proud to be able to source most of our core materials from companies, some of which are certifiable 'mom and pop shops', in the USA. Here's a list of some of our suppliers:

  • Randy Surly Manufacturing - Copper spring-bronze weatherstrip, made in Dallas, TX.
  • Sarco Putty - the best glazing putty, made in Chicago, IL.
  • Samson Rope - High quality sash cord, Ferndale, WA.
  • Columbia River Wood - Salvaged CVG fir from the Columbia River, Portland, OR.,