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I'm looking forward to being able to catch the summer breezes and air out the house in the months ahead. You are a fine craftsman and I appreciate not only the quality of your work but also your professionalism. It was good to work with someone who kept in good communication, was reliable, left the house habitable each day, and whom I knew I could trust. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

- Jan R., SE Portland

Thanks Geoffrey. You guys are so thoughtful and professional - we are definitely going to pass that on to everyone we know. Thanks again, and hopefully we'll see you around.

- Ben M., SE Portland

Geoffrey and Steven were referred to us by a stained glass artist here in Portland. He said that they were great craftsmen, in addition to being clean, timely and scrupulously careful with budget.

He was right. The guys came in, cut a hole through the side of our 100-year old house, and installed a beautiful antique window - leaded with beveled glass. Due to exposure to weather, the job required careful attention to integration with siding and flashing, as well as some structural work.

All told, Geoffrey and Steven were here for only one day, leaving us with a great new window - sealed, trimmed, and finished. Jobsite clean, debris gone, on budget, on time, and all good.

- Ted O., Homeowner, SE Portland

Dear Geoffrey,

I am extremely happy with my storm windows. During the day I keep my thermostat at 68 degrees, and each night I turn the heat down to 60. When I get up in the morning the thermostat still reads 63 or 64.

But most important is warmth during the day. I work from home, and bought a space heater in an attempt to warm up the extremely cold area by my desk. In spite of the fact that running a space heater is extremely expensive – they ravenously gulp electricity– I was running mine most of the day… until the storm windows went up. Now I sometimes use the space heater first thing in the morning, and perhaps for a short while at night if I decide to work in the evening – but never for very long, if the space heater runs for more than half an hour it's too hot by my desk.

In spite of scarves and thick sweaters I was not at ease in my house last winter, it was simply too cold. This winter is completely different: I work in comfort and I'm certainly a good deal happier!

Thank you,

- Colleen S., NW Portland

...P.S. I love my new window!

- Claire C., Eastmoreland