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Products and Services

What follows is a general description of our offerings. We offer various package pricing options that we'd be happy to discuss with you as they apply to your specific project.

Double-hung window rebuild - includes window disassembly and inspection of sash and glazings, inspection of jamb and sill, removal of excess paint build-up from friction surfaces, upper and lower sash movement, and reassembly with new cord, parting bead and interior ogee stop.

Casement window tune-up - Includes removal and inspection of sash and glazings, inspection of jamb and sill, hardware tune-up, hinge screw holes filled and re-bored if necessary.

Custom built wood storm windows of clear vertical grain fir. Includes fit, hardware, professional painting and final placement. Wood screen frames are available as a companion to storm windows as well. We also offer bi-annual removal/frame swap service.

Spring-bronze weatherstrip - High quality copper version, can be installed at $7.50 per lineal foot, plus hourly time to dismantle and reset portions of the window that need to be removed to perform the work. Weatherstripping service is also included in package pricing.

Glazing and putty repair is available at our hourly rate. Modern and antique glass is available. Minimum $150 plus materials charge for glazing repairs outside of comprehensive window work.

Additional services:

  • Sill repair and resetting
  • Epoxy consolidation and rot repair
  • Siding and flashing work
  • Interior/exterior door work

All work that disrupts lead based paint is subject to an 8% Lead Safe Work Surcharge.

Pricing is determined by job. Our rate is $50/hour per man on site. We'll visit your home to conduct an initial survey of your windows and we'll provide an estimate based what work we feel needs to be done. We offer some package pricing that we'll outline for you when we meet. We're happy to undertake as much or as little of the work as you're prepared to do.


We do not offer painting services and it is not included in any of our pricing. If you would like us to hire a painting subcontractor, we're happy to do so. We can also show you how to paint your windows yourself and how to avoid painting them shut.