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Peterson residence window restoration
This home, in one of the premier historic neighborhoods of Portland, required extensive work to replace failing glazing putty on numerous divided-lite sashes. Additionally, the original weight-and-pully systems had been defeated and replaced with a spring-balance system, probably in the 1950's or -60's. Most of the spring-balances had failed or were operating poorly, and the client had us retro-fit back to the original weight-and-pully style. Notice the curved casement units and how the weatherstrip is clip-relieved to accommodate the arc.

Gothic sash reglazing
To re-glaze this sash, a template was made and fit to the sash and a new piece of glass cut to the pattern


Kosanke window replacement
Though we try to avoid replacing windows as a rule, some situations that we encounter require a window to be replaced because the work to restore it outweighs the cost of replacement. When this is the case, we work with a small, local manufacturer, Wooddale Windows in Oregon City, to fabricate a new, in-kind unit. This means that the new window is built to the same specifications that the original was, the same construction methods, clear vertical grain fir jamb, sash, and components. This was such a case in which the window being replaced had been installed improperly and neglected for years, allowing massive amounts of rot and insect infestation to take hold. The resulting product was a great looking, functioning window.

Flashing and siding repair
An example of a repair where the siding above the head casing had some rot that needed to be adressed as well as a deteriorated flashing. The bad course was replaced and a new, custom copper flashing was fabricated and installed. This flashing will last for 100 years.


Other work
This accessory dwelling unit, or ADU was built by Stephen, utilizing many recycled components including doors, windows, and various lumber products.

Some of the shop pieces built by Geoffrey include a japanese tansu, some cabinetry for a small, kit-built travel trailer, and a custom front entry door and porch remodel.