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East Portland Sash & Carpentry Co. was developed in 2007 by Geoffrey Halsey and Stephen Colvin after they noticed the need for a full service vintage wood window company in the metro Portland area. Their desire to save resources and preserve historical integrity, coupled with the vast number of homes to work with in Portland, drove their decision to go into this line of work.

Geoffrey and Stephen met sometime in 2000 while working at a local, high-end wood furniture shop and became fast friends, discussing common interests and occasionally getting together to play music. Geoffrey continued at the furniture shop for the next six years, honing skills, acquiring knowledge, and in his spare time, began a lengthy rehabilitation of his own home that continues, still today! Stephen moved on to work in remodel construction, quickly becoming familiar with many aspects of the discipline. Through the influence of friends and colleagues, Stephen became interested in the architectural history of Portland, striking up a friendship with local historian and author, Roy Roos. Ask Stephen what fenestration means – he can tell you. Years later, Stephen's knowledge of local architectural history and modern construction and Geoffrey's experience in the woodshop seemed to compliment one another quite well.

In the time since the business was created, their vision has remained consistent: to provide knowledge and service to homeowners whose goal it is to maintain, restore and make energy efficient their original wood windows